EcoSoya Q210 (CB-135 replacement)

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EcoSoya Q210 (CB-135 replacement)

Product Description

EcoSoya Brands Q210 container wax is one of the new Quantum soya waxes. It is one pour, has great glass adhesion, and very smooth re-congealed burn pool. Suggested Melt to Temperature of between 68-88C; suggested pour temperature of between 63-79C. This natural soya wax will hold up to 18% fragrance. Q210 has been dermatology tested so is great for massage candles.  Comes as small beads.

Suggested wicks to try: ECO range

Technical Properties

Analysis Typical Method

Mettler Drop Point 115F (46.1C) AOCS Cc 18-80

Congealing Point 109F (42.8C) ASTM D 938-60

Needle Penetration (1/10 mm) 59 ASTM D 1321-65

Suggested Applications/Possible Uses

Container Candles, Tarts, Melts and other applications. Great for massage candles, Dermatology tested.

Shelf Life 

No determined shelf life if stored under proper conditions.

Shipping and Storage

Store in a cool, dry location away from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. Temporary hot or cold temperature extremes have no adverse effect. EcoSoya waxes may be used frozen and, if partially melted, allow to cool, and re-solidify before use.

Full details and instructions are available on the manufacturers website http://www.ngiwax.com/

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